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Coaching & Instruction

'It is my goal to leave a legacy inspiring the next generation to be even better than they can imagine

both technically on the water but also in their attitudes on and off the water.'

Claire O'Hara - Athlete, Ambassador, Sports Professional and Coach      

Claire is not only a phenomenal white water kayaker, she is also known as one of the best coaches and instructors in the world helping thousands of paddlers progress their skills and countless athletes represent their country at major international events each year. 

Claire's passion, love and understanding of the outdoors combined with her background in sports development and coaching and over 25 years experience coaching, instructing and educating in the outdoors means she is highly regarded in the field and holds several prestigious roles around the world.

Claire is a currently the co- head of the Kelly's White Water Park USA, head of the Hawea Academy NZ, head coach for the Australian freestyle kayak team, co-editor and producer of the leading online coaching resource Paddle Education and co-director and head coach of Explore Expeditions.​ She also works independently for Claire O'Hara Coaching providing bespoke specialist instruction to paddlers of all ages and abilities around the world.

If you would like to find out more please contact Claire directly.

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